Tips To Keep Your Dog Warm And Comfortable This Winter

The change in seasons can be as tough for your dog as it is for you. Winter, in particular, can be a difficult one to deal with. As the temperatures drop, your furry friend is likely to feel cold and uncomfortable. Moreover, you may not be able to take them outdoors for exercise as often as you do in the warmer days. The dog is bound to feel lethargic and unhappy locked indoors all day. Still, there are some things that you can do to make the pet warm, happy and comfortable even when it is freezing outdoors. Let us share a few tips for all pet parents who encounter this common woe during the colder months of the year.

Watch the diet

Since the dog is likely to get less exercise during winter, you need to be extra careful about its diet. Try feeding it smaller portions throughout the day instead of serving one big meal. This routine makes the food easier to digest and there are minimal chances of weight gain despite less exercise. Make sure that you provide it the right food according to its breed, age, and lifestyle. Count the calories and keep them in check, considering the number they are likely to burn with the kind of exercise they are doing.

Limit the outdoor time

Even if you think that your furry companion is naturally adapted to stay warm, it needs as much protection as you do. Their paws, nose, and ears are most likely to carry the chill inside and make the dog cold and sick. Your best bet is to limit the outdoor time to the only exercise and walking. If you have the habit of leaving your dog out in the backyard every evening, stop doing so. You may even need to take them for shorter walks when the temperatures drop to sub-zero. The best place for them is indoors, right by the fireplace! 

Provide a snug home 

Nothing makes a dog more comfortable than a snug home and warm bed. If your dog sleeps inside, give it a warm corner to rest and cover it with a blanket for extra warmth. Even better, you can buy it an igloo home this season for all the comfort and coziness it needs. There are plenty of options in the market and you can go through The Best Dog Igloo Houses Reviewed – Your Ultimate Guide to decide which one to buy for your pet. Igloo houses are even capable of keeping your dog warm and secure outdoors.

Bathing and grooming 

When winters come, you need to bathe and groom the dog properly. Even though it may be freezing outside, you should not skip the regular bathing and grooming routine of the pet. Bathe it with warm water and skin-friendly shampoo. Use a conditioner as well so that the fur gets the nourishment it needs during the dry and cold weather. Dry the fur thoroughly with a towel and use a hairdryer on a warm setting to dry out all the extra moisture. Daily brushing keeps the dog’s skin warm and clean. 

Dress appropriately 

Invest in warm winter apparel for your dog because you would not want it to catch a cold just because of under-dressing. A sweater or coat that has a high collar offers good coverage. Look for one that covers the dog from tail to tummy so that it feels warm and comfortable even when you take it outdoors. Prioritize comfortable fits and make sure that the zips and buttons do not hurt the dog. A change of warm apparel is mandatory because you should wash and clean it on a regular basis.

Look after the dog’s health

Pets are prone to falling sick during this time of the year, which is the reason why you should pay extra attention to their health. Regular vet visits are a good idea and so is keeping an eye on symptoms such as joint pains, lethargy, and fatigue. Also, be regular with flea, tick and worming medication because your dog may have them in winters too. Paw care is important in cold weather because the dog is more likely to get hurt when its paws are exposed to snow.

If you want your furry friend to be happy and comfortable during winters, you need to go the extra mile with their routine care. Do pay attention to their needs for keeping warm and staying healthy because they surely need more love, care, and attention during this time of the year! 

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