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Listen to our podcasts, feel free to leave comments, and share these podcasts. Remember to subscribe to our channel (The Random Couch Talk with Lifestyle Glitz) and write to us with your important questions and we will try our best to guide you and share your pain and happiness. The Random Couch Talk is all about lifestyle and helping people cope with different issues in life.

Episode 1 – Introduction | About The Random Couch Talk with Lifestyle Glitz

The Random Couch Talk with Lifestyle Glitz is a unique channel where the owners (Mona H. Sharif & Saadia Imran) address different issues related to Lifestyle, love and relationships, social issues, personality grooming, etc. People write to us, and we try our best to answer their questions and offer suggestions as best as possible. Subscribe to our channel and feel free to write to us at info@lifestyleglitz.com

Episode 2 – When Faced with a Crisis, How Do You Move Forward

We all face some kind of crisis in life. However, most people are not strong enough and give up too fast. Listen to this podcast if you feel lost and need some guidance. Feel free to write to us at info@lifestyleglitz.com, so we can address your specific questions or concerns and help you as best as we can. Subscribe to our channel for more interesting discussions coming up soon.

Episode 3 – Is Education Necessary for Personality Development in Children or Not

Our guest at the Random Couch Talk with Lifestyle Glitz in this episode is the owner of MS Home Tutor (Mrs. A. Abdullah). You can visit www.mshometutor.com to enroll your children in online classes as well. MS Home Tutor also offers professional courses, which are CPD Certified and others certified by Symbolic Text Developers. You can also visit their website at www.symbolictextdevelopers.com.

Episode 4 – Harassment and Rape in the World At Large

Our guest is Lena Anis, an experienced professional content writer, and mother of an adorable little boy. We invited her to give her an opportunity to share her concerns about this topic in our society. Listen, share, and subscribe to our channel.

Episode 5 – I Need Love Advice What To Do

Episode 6 – Comparing Arranged vs. Love Marriages & the Pros and Cons

In this episode, we decided to talk about a much-debated topic in Asian culture – Arranged versus Love Marriages. Listen to it, and share your opinions with us in the comments on our YouTube Channel. We love hearing from our listeners. Also, feel free to send in your topic recommendations so we can share our opinions on them or even answer your questions. Thanks so much for the love and support.

This podcast is in reply to someone who wrote to our channel I Need Love Advice, asking for some guidance. Listen to it, and share it with others who may be in the same situation. You can also write to us at ineedloveadvice@lifestyleglitz.com. We will get back to your emails.

Episode 7 – The Excessive Use of Drugs in Today’s Youth

Drug addiction has been and still is one of the biggest problems and reasons for concern for the youth worldwide. In this podcast, our guest Lena Anis and I (Mona Sharif) discuss a few things we can do to help those who are captives of drug addiction.

Episode 8 – Letter to I Need Love Advice – A Love Square

This episode at the Random Couch Talk with Lifestyle Glitz is about a letter we received from a young lady in a dire situation with her heart. We’ve offered her the best advice we could! Must-listen if you are also love struck. Share it with others who you know can benefit from it.

Episode 9 – Is a Daughter In-law the Same As Your Own Daughter? Can In-laws Be Fair?

Our guest is Mrs. Abdullah (owner of MS Home Tutor) and mother of married girls and a mother-in-law to her son’s wife as well. It’s an honor to have her on the Random Couch Show with Lifestyle Glitz again. Today’s topic is very important in our society – How to treat a daughter-in-law? Is she the same as your own daughter? This begged the opinion of an experienced speaker, so we invited her to know her opinions and get some good advice.

Episode 10 – What Psychological Issues Do Overseas Pakistanis Face When They Come to Pakistan

We have a guest with us, who shared his firsthand experience as an overseas Pakistani returning to Pakistan. He faced some very sensitive issues during the transition. He wanted to share this with many others like himself to help people like himself. Must listen and share with others who can benefit from this.

Episode 12 – What is love – Does True Love Exist | Part 1

This is part 1 of our podcast that addresses a question we all ask at some time in life – “What is Love – Does Real Love Exist?” We (three sisters) are sharing our ways of understanding what love is and answering it as we feel we can best answer the question. Keep listening on the next video below:

Episode 12 – What is love – Does True Love Exist | Part 2

This is part 2 of our podcast that addresses a question we all ask at some time in life – “What is Love – Does Real Love Exist?” Listen, share, and feel free to comment. Subscribe to our channel for more interesting upcoming topics.

Episode 13 – Ramadan: Why Have We Lost the Spirit of Ramadan?

Ramadan seems to have changed over the years. Here’s a podcast with Saima, discussing what has changed, its true spirit, and tips to retain its beauty and blessing in the next years to come. Must listen.

Episode 14 – Tips to Have Wonderful Relationship with Your Mother In-law & Daughter In-law

In this episode of The Random Couch Talk with Lifestyle Glitz, we have a guest, Mrs. Komal, originally from India, living in Nigeria. She is here to share some very valuable tips for mothers in-law and daughters in-law to have a healthy and peaceful relationship. Do share it with people who may need help with their relationships.

Episode 15 – Ikigai Explained – An Ideal Way of Life

This podcast is very informative and tells us about Ikigai. Ikigai is a very simple and pure way of living a fulfilled and happy life. Adapting this Japanese way of life seems to have a positive impact on how long people live in some places where people have been practicing ikigai as a way of life. Listen to it now to learn more.

Episode 16 – How to Get Back Your Ex-Boyfriend in 5 Simple Steps

Here’s a short casual discussion between Mona and Saadia. In this episode of The Random Couch Talk wuth Lifestyle Glitz, we have some tips for people facing a break-up and how to win their ex-boyfriend back. Listen and share your comments.

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