Skincare After 30: All That You Need To Know

Written by Rohani Egbert
1 · 08 · 20
Skincare After 30: All That You Need To Know

Aging is a concern for women of all ages, with the transition from the twenties to thirties perhaps being the toughest. The biggest impact of this transition is seen on your skin. This is the phase when the first signs of aging appear in the form of dryness, pigmentation and dark spots. Some women may even see something as drastic as the initial fine lines which later show up as wrinkles. However, a good skincare routine is something that can stop, or at least slow down, these changes. 

The best part is that you need not do much work to keep your skin looking ageless and radiant despite the passing years. Being aware is the most important aspect of looking after your skin after thirty. You need to know the changes you can expect and also have a strategy for slowing them down before it is too late. Just doing a little adjustment in your regular routine can help and so can adopting some new measures. Here are some simple skincare tips that you can follow to prevent the first signs of aging as you step in your thirties.

Stay hydrated

Even before creating a regimen to deal with the symptoms of aging, you need to understand the importance of hydration. Essentially, hydration is all about increasing your water intake to keep the skin soft and supple from within. First things first, you need to make conscious efforts to drink more water. Additionally, avoid using excessively hot water while showering as it can rip the moisture from your skin. Using a moisturizing body wash is also a good idea as it acts as a protective barrier that keeps moisture within your skin.

Balance your diet

Besides keeping yourself hydrated, you should also focus on a balanced diet once you are in your thirties. Consuming more fresh greens and fruits nourishes your skin from deep within. At the same time, you should avoid sugar, high-fat and processed foods because they show up on your skin in the worst ways. Sugar, in particular, causes inflammation and binds to the collagen in your skin, leaving it rough and dry. High-fat foods, on the other hand, can cause oiliness and middle-age acne.

Have a good skincare routine 

Although you may already be looking after your skin, this is the age when it needs extra care. The first thing to do would be to modify your skincare daily routine beyond just cleansing and moisturizing. This is the time to switch to specialized anti-aging products. Additionally, you can also rely on herbal remedies such as aloe vera and coconut oil for extra smoothness and suppleness. Besides a daily routine, invest in weekly exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and get an anti-aging facial every month.

Prioritize sun protection

One skincare basic that you cannot forget at any age is sun protection, though it becomes all the more important in your thirties. This is the age when your skin is most vulnerable and the chances of sun damage are high. Avoid going out during the peak hours to prevent exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Wear a sun hat to cover your face and stick to covered clothing as well. Always use a high-SPF sunscreen before stepping out.

Sleep well

Though you may not be able to associate sleep with good skincare in your thirties, it is as vital as eating right and having a care routine. When you sleep, your skin cells get rest to rejuvenate and replace the dead ones with new cells. If you miss on your sleep, you may be actually aggravating the aging process by stressing out the cells. Make sure that you get at least seven to eight hours every night if you want to wake up radiant and beautiful.

Get exercise

Toxin accumulation is as harmful to your skin as age-related damage is. Physical activity is essential because it enables you to eliminate the toxins through sweating. Indulge in your favorite workouts, whether it is skipping, running, swimming or aerobics. Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are also important because they keep stress at bay. Stress too accelerates aging and coping with it should be a part of your skincare strategies. 

Considering these tips, skincare in your thirties will seem easier than you think. All you need to do is to be committed to a holistic lifestyle, with a focus in a good diet, stringent skincare, and a healthy lifestyle. Just following these tips will help you achieve your anti-aging skincare goals easily.

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