The Witch of Quedlinburg


  • The Witch of Quedlinburg is an eBook
  • Available for sale on and on Lifestyle Glitz
  • Set in the early years of the fourteenth to the beginning of the sixteenth century
  • The plot is set in a time where witches were burnt and executed, tortured in various ways in order to get a confession out of them
  • About a witch, Amalaric Madeleine, and her growth and development
  • The mystery about a powerful witch, Armalinda
  • The mystery revolving around the events following the believed execution of Amalaric Madeleine
  • Execution of accused and probable witches in Germany
  • Written by Pakistani Author, Mona Sharif
  • A good read for people who have an interest in the Salem Witch Trails

The plot of The Witch of Quedlinburg is set in the 1800s and revolves around a witch who was allegedly been reincarnated over many years. The story revolves around a family of witches. It is a story about how they struggled to live and how they survived in a time where witch-hunting was at a peak.

The Author’s Claims about the Book

The author of The Witch of Quedlinburg claims that the idea of the book is unique and creative. The story came to her in a dream and she felt compelled to write it.

Inside the Flap

Around 1500 witches were burnt at the stake in Bamberg and Wurzburg, Germany, in less than ten years in the mid-seventeenth century. In Quedlinburg, near Leipzig – Saxony, a hundred and thirty-three witches were burnt at the stake every day, in the year 1589. This is a historical fact and the theme of The Witch of Quedlinburg.

In the early fifteenth century, Amalaric Madeline was one of the numerous women who were accused of practicing witchcraft and publicly beheaded in Germany. However, some believe that she was burnt at the stake many years before in France, at the beginning of the fourteenth century. There are no records or documents to support the exact date of the execution of Amalaric. Amalaric Madeline was known as The French Sorcerer in the 16th century. She was executed because she allegedly caused the deaths of eleven people, at that time, due to the use of witchcraft and sorcery.

According to The Witch of Quedlinburg, the events following the beheading or execution are unknown until this date. However, one accepted fact is that there is a lot of mystery surrounding the death of Armalinda on that fateful night. Over the years, Madeline grew and strengthened her powers. She became the most powerful witch of her time, under the supervision and time of Armalinda.


If you have a keen curiosity and enjoy reading witch tales, then buy The Witch of Quedlinburg. This book is definitely for you.

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