Pokefever: Cures and Remedies

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6 · 03 · 17
Pokefever Cures and Remedies for Fans of Pokémon Go

The poke fever in the air is spreading like wildfire. Are you one of those who is suffering from this addictive and intoxicating disease? Then fear no more! A few pokemedicines and remedies will make your pokefever easier to bear.

Pikachu Pokefever

If you’re a true pokelover then no other Pokeman, Balbasaur or Chalmander, will make you happy, except of course Pikachu. Therefore, to catch Pikachu, the deal is that you should not have caught any other Pokémon. Move in the opposite direction when any other Pokémon appears four to five times for a surprise visit from Pikachu. When Pikachu appears, tap on it and catch it. (Keep the AR off)

AR Mode Looks Good When Turned Off

A famous feature of the game, yet more Pokémon’s are caught when it turned off.

Don’t “No” the Go app

The app needs to be open on your phone so it can notify you about close by Pokémon’s, hatch eggs, and track your distance. Also, keep checking the rectangular grey box called the Pokebox at the bottom right. It shows the nearby Pokémon monsters so you can catch em all!

Leave No Pokémon Behind

Catch all the Pokémon in sight because it helps you reach higher levels and gives you more XP.

Pokestops; the more you go, the better

Every time you visit a Pokestop, you receive balls, portions, and eggs. So what are you sitting at home for?

Do Not Transfer High CP Pokémon

Don’t forget to check your Pokémon Combat Power (CP) before transferring it back to Professor Willow in exchange for candy and stardust. Keep the High CP Pokémon for yourself.

Small Circles; Higher Throw Bonus

When you’re holding the Pokeball, you will see a glowing circle getting smaller; throw the ball at that time for more points.

Helpful Tips for Catching More Pokémon

The following tips will make your Pokefever better!

  • The vastly populated and famous areas of your city are likely to contain more Pokémon so that more people can catch them. That is where you should go too!
  • Hunt with a friend, cousin, or neighbor. That increases the likelihood of finding a Pokémon and since anyone who spots the Pokémon can capture it, there is no need to go alone!
  • If you want to capture wilder Pokémon, do not forget to eye the rustling leaves on the map.
  • The best time to hunt is after sunset because logically, that is the more appropriate time for more Pokémon to be exploring the nature!

The Pokehelpers

Pokehelpers are the items that you can use to find, catch, and train the Pokémon. They can be gifts or bought at Pokestops.

Lucky Egg

A unique egg filled with joy. This doubles XP for 30 minutes. The best time to use this is in any XP-increasing activity to get twice the XP

Razz Berry (Available after level 8)

This fruit soothes the Pokémon and makes it easier for you to catch them.


It captivates a Pokémon at your current location for 30 minutes. Walk around more and you will get a new Pokémon every 200 meters.

Lure Module

At a Pokestop, open the map and click on the pill-shaped white icon above the Pokestop circular photo. This will activate your Lure Module. It is more effective than incense in capturing Pokémon.


Another popular game developed by the amazing team of Pokémon Go. Some portals in ingress are Pokémon locations in the Pokémon Go. Open Ingress, search for XM-concentrated areas. Head there by following the white spots (XM) on the map. Open Pokémon Go after reaching the place and discover Pokémon!

Egg Incubator

This helps hatch Pokémon eggs by walking. (1 km egg hatches after a 1 km walk). Psst! Running or driving won’t work, so don’t even bother. Hatching eggs means that you get more Pokémon. So click on a Pokeball and choose a Pokémon. Choose one egg from the eggs tab and click on ‘start incubation button’. Also, choose an existing incubator. Now, walk in a straight path to cover the given distance and your egg will hatch.

Evolving Pokémon

  • All good things come to those who wait. When you go to the next level you can find tougher
    Pokémon and evolving them will make them the toughest!
  • Evolve High-CP Pokémon monsters, as they are the stronger and more profitable.
  • Compare two Pokémon monsters moves after considering CP so you can choose the better one for evolving.

Become a Gym Hero

If you’re below level 5, you won’t know what I am saying. However, if you’re a level 5 or 5+ trainer, you will be well familiar with gym battles.

  • Familiarize yourself with your opponent and its strongest moves.
  • Battle your own gyms to level up.

Heal the Hurt

When you have started battling at the gym, you will observe your Pokémon becoming weak after a fight with other Pokémon. Collect simple potions for healing from Pokestops. The Potion level increases with every 5 levels (Simple, Super, Hyper, Max Potions and Max Revives)

We hope these hacks calm your pokefever! Let us know how close you are in becoming a Pokemaster after these tips. Leave a comment and share your experience with us. To read more about amazing lifestyle tips, keep visiting us on www.lifestyleglitz.com. We are all you need for a great and happy lifestyle!

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