5 Types Of Photo Booth Nashville That You Must Have For Your Wedding

Written by Andy Glibert
12 · 27 · 21

There is a variety of photo booth rentals Nashville available in the market. Not many people know about the different types of photo booths until and unless they get a chance to hire one for themselves. Having a photo booth rental for a wedding is essential because this is the trend. Secondly, hiring a professional photographer for a wedding has become extremely expensive, especially after Covid-19.

This blog will be very beneficial for all those who are planning their wedding after the covid season. If you are still confused about getting a photo booth in Nashville or a professional photographer, then going through the pros and cons can prove quite beneficial. Other than that, we are going to tell you five types of photo booth rentals that you can think of having at your wedding.

  1. Open Air Photo Booth Nashville:

As the name suggests, this photo booth has no walls. It just has a backdrop that you can customize according to the theme of your wedding. Usually, people opt for flower walls as they match perfectly with the whole theme and at the same time look good as well. They also consume less space as there are no walls; therefore, can be placed anywhere in the venue. An open-air photo booth is also more welcoming than an enclosed one as it gives a more welcoming appearance. There is no space restriction due to which a large group of people can take pictures together. However, the disadvantage of having open-air event photography in Nashville is that it lacks privacy.

  1. Arcade Style wedding photo booth rental:

Arcade-style photo booth Nashville is in trend nowadays. They bring a very vintage theme to the whole wedding party and are a fun way of entertaining the guests. Many people associate memories of their childhood with the arcade photo booths, and when they see one at a wedding, it becomes a source of bringing their childhood memories back.

  1. Mirror Me Booth:

Everyone loves taking a selfie when they get dressed up and having a mirror me a booth at a wedding party is a great way of making the guests happy. A mirror me booth can simply be made by placing a large fancy mirror in the venue. It is a portable booth so that it can be set down anywhere in the venue. The benefit you will get from having a mirror me booth will be that there would be no need to hire a professional photographer whose sole responsibility will be to take pictures of guests. A mirror me booth will enable the guests to have full control over their pictures and will allow them to take as many retakes as they want.

  1. Slow-Motion Video Photobooths:

Slow-motion boomerangs became very popular in a short period because of Instagram. People love to make slow-motion videos; therefore, people started having a slow-motion video photo booth at their weddings. It was a good source of entertainment and a great way of engaging the guests. It would not be wrong to say that slow-motion video photo-booths acted as an icebreaker for the event.

  1. 360 Booth:

360 Booth is another very popular photo booth rental Nashville for wedding parties. Mainly because it is a video booth that captures about 120 frames in a second, it would take your picture from all sides, so there is no chance that it will miss your perfect angle. The photo booth basically has a platform with video cameras that revolve at 360 degrees and capture the whole moment in slow-motion. Nashville Photobooth provides 360 booth services.

  1. FAQs:

Q1: How much does a photo booth cost?

The cost of photo booth services depends on sessions to sessions. For instance, you are purchasing a 3-hour session, then most probably it will cost around $200-$300. However, this cost varies from person to person and the services you avail from them.

Q2: Are photo booths worth it?

Photo booths are so in trend, but people still get confused about whether they are worth it or not. The answer to this is very simple, and that is a yes. They can be used by people of all age groups at events and entertain the guests when they start to get bored, and there is nothing else to do. It will also give your guests a chance to interact with each other.

Q3: How does a 360-photo booth work?

A 360-photo booth has a rotating platform. This platform has cameras attached to it which rotate and capture videos at 120 frames a second. Users step on the platform, and cameras revolve around them while taking slow-motion videos.

Q4: What is a mirror photo booth?

It is the latest technology of interactive picture capturing. The full-length mirror offers a streamlined design and enables the users to capture their selfies. The mirror usually has a touch screen with colorful animations and entertaining voice guides.

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