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Patents in Recent News | Patents News Updates

Here is the latest news on some patents filed in 2018 for those who can benefit from this information.

Walmart Patented for an Audio Surveillance Tool to Monitor Employee Conversations

Lifestyle Glitz - Patents 2On Wednesday, Splinter reported that retail giant Walmart has patented a new technology to monitor employee productivity using audio surveillance of checkout counters. The new tech is supposed to increase employee efficiency by monitoring sounds indicating how long lines are, how many bags are being used, and conversations among employees or between employees and customers, which sounds pretty creepy. However, it’s just a patent at the moment and has not yet been developed. Read the full story here.

Pfizer Inc. Faces Issues From Patent Protection Losses

Drugmaker Pfizer is facing shifting risks from the loss of patents and is trying to reshape its structure into three businesses, according to The Star-Tribune. Pfizer reportedly “expects a significant reduction in the impact of patent protection losses after 2020.” Companies like WiLAN/Quarterhill, whose subsidiary, Security Video Camera Systems, Inc., recently acquired a portfolio of patents from Panasonic Corporation, understand the importance of keeping a patent portfolio on trend with current industry needs.

Dallas Area Businesses Granted 60+ Patents in One Week

Dallas Invents looks at U.S. patents granted with a connection to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metro area every week. For the week of July 3rd, Dallas Invents reported that 68 such patents were granted. The patents reportedly included Toyota’s steering wheel that illuminates via touch and AT&T’s electrical switch that generates signals using acoustic inputs. Frito-Lay’s process of removing part of a food product through an “abrasive stream” was also included in the patents. Many of the top local assignees were in the technology sector, which WiLAN/Quarterhill, a company that operates in a variety of technology markets including automotive, digital television, Internet, medical, semiconductor, and wireless communication technologies, understands well.

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Amazon Just Patented Hijack-Proof Delivery Drones

Two years ago, Amazon filed a rights claim titled “Hostile takeover avoidance of unmanned vehicles,” and it recently was approved, according to a July 2nd Mashable article. The design of the patent reportedly requests for delivery vehicles. It is supposed to help protect against “nefarious individuals” and take over the drones of the company. This is another technology that is still in the patent stage and hasn’t yet been developed, but as drones continue to be popular, and Amazon continues to dominate the online retail marketplace, there’s a good chance such technology will be needed for delivery drones in the very near future and the tech will be developed accordingly. Read the full story here.

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