6 Things You Need to Know About Impact Windows in Miami

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impact windows in Miami

The use of impact windows in Miami has increased in the past few years. This is because they are durable, dependable, and provide protection. They are also popular as impact-resistant and hurricane-rated windows. These products are specially designed to tolerate storms, hurricanes, and severe weather conditions. However, before installing them, you must know what to expect regarding their working, protection, and factors that best suit your requirements.

Here is the list of six things that are a must to know before you invest in the product.

What Exactly Are Impact Windows in Miami?

The impact-resistant windows combine strong frames, impact-resistant glass, and a unique silicone coating that prevents it from breaking. This special laminated glass has two sheets of glass attached together along with the interlayer of polyvinyl butyral. 

Now, the glass may get a bit damaged during a break-in, but the interlayer will keep the windows intact. So, install hurricane impact windows to benefit in terms of energy efficiency and security.

Which Frame Materials Are Available?

All the impact windows are customized based on the house project. When it comes to choosing the material, you should prefer buying the one with the frame made from vinyl or heavy-duty extruded aluminum painted (pick one with electrostatic paint – it gives a budget-friendly finish). Furthermore, the depth of these frames should be 2¾ inches (minimum). Lastly, try and prefer the one with molded nylon anti-friction sash guides that ensures smooth operation.

What Should You Know About Impact Window Brands and Manufacturers?

Quality and functionality should be the first preferences when looking for impact-resistant windows. The product should be extensively tested with no reported failures. In Miami, choose a brand that has documented NOAs (Notice of Acceptance by Miami-Dade County). Other things to check include whether they offer the option for customization, so it fits your windows and house design perfectly. The installers like USA Home Improvement will provide you with these services.

Which Style Can I Choose From?

The impact windows are available in multiple styles. For instance, you can find single and double-hung, slide, or roller windows in most of the places. You can choose among any style that best fits the requirements of your house.

What Are Critical Features to Consider?

When selecting impact windows in Miami, make sure to look for high-performing features like insulated and laminated glass or heat-reducing glass pigments. The impact-resistant with these features protect from severe weather, lower energy bills, and protect your belongings from heat and discoloration. 

Can You Replace Hurricane Shutters with Impact Windows?

Once you have installed these windows, there is no additional need to cover them with hurricane shutters. Most companies have tested windows that resist wind-borne debris and break-ins. Even though the glass can get damaged on a direct impact, the interlayer will keep them intact. 

Now that you know the basics of impact windows in Miami, you are all set to buy them from a manufacturer and get them installed. Besides resistance against weather conditions, it has additional benefits of energy efficiency, cost-saving, and security from intruders. 

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