Naked Mona Lisa by Da Vinci, Discovered In France

The Naked Mona Lisa painting is rocking the art world! Titled “Monna Vanna” and “Joconde Nue”, scientists examining the portrait believe that it must be partially painted by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.…

Lifestyle Glitz - benefits of carrots

10 Benefits of Carrots – Infographic

Let us forget about taking vitamin A pills. Instead, why not go for a natural and healthy source of vitamin A – Carrots. After all, there are numerous benefits of carrots. This…

Lifestyle Glitz - Maybelline products review

Maybelline Products Review

It has been ages since I wrote or shared a Maybelline products review, so here is more. Based on personal experience and completely unbiased. I want to share my personal rating on…

Lifestyle Glitz - Fashionable Women

7 Habits of Highly Fashionable Women

Being fashionable is a matter of acquiring efficient habits to look good every day. Not everyone is born with supermodel looks, but we can learn a lot from how fashionable and attractive…


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