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Written by Farah Sharief
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Fashion Trends in Pakistan: Enhance Your Style in 2016

Fashion Trends in Pakistan That Will Surely Add a “WOW” Factor to Your Style in 2016

Fashion is something every woman in Pakistan loves. For some women, it’s more like a part of their lives, and for others, it’s a glimpse of their personality. Some wish to follow new fashion trends, while some transform their style to new trends that others can follow.

With fashion being a part of every woman’s life, it’s nothing new to notice that it keeps changing with the seasons. This constant change in the world of fashion` can drastically improve one’s personality and have a great impact on one’s life. It can also help add a “WOW” factor to one’s fashion sense, lift up dull moods, and have many other positive effects.

Economically, Pakistan is still a country that requires a lot of development. Nonetheless, as far as fashion goes, it is the front-runner in the race to adopt the latest trends. Living in Pakistan, you must be aware of the fact that it is a nation popular for having several notable provinces. This means each one of the provinces has their own signature trends and custom values. However, when talking about “national fashion” across the country, it’s nothing new to observe that each one stands ready to adopt something new.

In this article, I would like to guide and give you some tips on what you need to wear, what accessory you can carry, and what trends you need to add to your style in 2016. So let’s begin!

Medium Length Shirts and Cigarette Trousers/Pants Trends

Last year, wearing long shirts and loose baggy trousers (Palazzos) was the top trend. With fashion trends changing with every season in Pakistan, you must be wondering what’s new in the world of women’s casual fashion in 2016.

This year, fashion designers and so many other trendsetters have brought back the old time fashion. Yes, I’m talking about medium length (or shorter length) shirts with cigarette pants/trousers. That’s right! Long kurti styles and palazzos are long gone from the fashion market. Today, you can give yourself a chic and contemporary look that will have envious eyes staring back at you. Just imagine how elegant and different you would look with this new trend!

Most popular fashion brands like Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Gul Ahmed, Al karam Studio, Nishat linen, Mehdi, Maria. B, Asim Jofa, and numerous others have released beautiful, colorful, and elegant designs this year. So, hurry and buy the best ones you like from their outlets all across the country.

Trendy Hairstyles like Side Braids and Loose Curls

Who says hairstyles aren’t a part of fashion trends? This year you have to say goodbye to old hairstyles like ponytails, buns, and follow latest hairstyles. Hairstyles also change every season and this year, several exciting hairstyles are trendy. However, side braids and loose curls make it to the top of the list. You can simply learn how to braid beautifully from so many experts on YouTube Channels (like Luxy Hair, Lilith Moon, Cute Girls Hairstyles, Kayley Mellissa, etc.) and other blogs online. This way, you don’t need to worry about visiting the salon every now and then and spending extra money!

Khaadi Khas Embroidered Bags Trends

What’s fashion without handbags! This year embroidered bags are setting a new trend and yes, your wardrobe will surely be incomplete without one. If you are the sort who loves to add exciting colors, curves, shapes, and designs to your style, then Khaadi Khas bags are the ideal choice for you. They are available at affordable rates in any Khaadi outlet nationwide. Rest assured that whatever your fashion sense, embroidered handbags will definitely add more glam!

Stone Studded Khusa’s Fashion Trends

An integral part of traditional footwear, khusas for centuries remains one of the best footwears in Pakistan. Made out of original leather, they come in a variety of different colors and embroidered designs.

There was a time when people regarded khusas as “old fashion”. It was common to see most women wear them only on traditional occasions like weddings, and Eid celebrations. With times changing, gone are the days when they were a part of old fashion trends. Today, stone studded khusa’s are the top deal! You can wear them at anytime, anywhere to match any dress.

Khundan Fashion Jewelry

Situated in the Indian sub-continent, Rajasthan and Gujrat are famous for producing Khundan in the most refined form. For many centuries, Asian women love to wear them. If you are wondering what khundan is, then you should know that it’s a term defining the most refined form of gold. Goldsmiths usually obtain this form of gold by melting it at very high temperatures. During this process, these talented people encrust precious stones and gems in between the delicate designs. The results reveal delicate and sometimes heavy khundan.

Dating back to ancient times, Khundan today is a popular accessory that most women still love. You can wear it with a variety of different dresses. They are available in a necklace, ring, bracelet, anklet, and so many other styles with vibrant colored stones.

There are a lot more trends that you could add to your wardrobe. However, in this article, you can get a brief insight into the latest fashion trends for women in Pakistan. So, follow these, and add a new touch to your fashion statement!

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