A Dog is Your Best Friend

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
2 · 01 · 18
A Dog is Your Best Friend - Believe It | Lifestyle Glitz

A man’s best friend is a dog. This is a commonly used phrase and it has millennia-long history to it. Frederick the Great of Prussia reportedly used the first time. There is a good reason why a dog is your best friend. In fact, there is not just one, many reasons. Dogs belong to the genus Canis and are wolf-like animals, generally carnivorous. However, this is not all. There is much more to dogs than this.

What’s Special about a Dog

Why do people believe this phrase? That is because it is true that the dog creates a loyal, close, and protective relationship with its owner. Most dog owners believe that they learn so much from their pet. Dogs have personality, resilience, and intelligence. They have the willingness to love unconditionally, until their very last breath. A dog is your best friend because it remains loyal until its last breath.

Dogs are Intelligent

Naturally, dogs have an instinct. They know when they are with kids and naturally become caring and protective around them. Likewise, they can sense danger and bad people and tell their owners if they are uneasy. Yes, dogs cannot speak to humans, but they can understand speech. With some training, dog owners can train them to bring specific things or to do certain tasks. Training the dogs is quite easy because they are intelligent. You can be very safe when a dog is your best friend.

You might have heard about Paige and Windsor. Having dog helpers around makes life better for helpless people. Similarly, other heroic dogs have proven to be man’s best friend. The police also use dogs for drug inspections and security reasons. In fact, most people keep dogs for domestic security reasons too. Therefore, if you are planning to have a pet dog, then it is a great idea.

Dogs Have a Personality of Their Own

If you have kept more than one dog in your life, you would agree that each one has a unique personality. They are almost human in many ways. They understand and feel emotions and often even express them. They learn and love to play. Some are adventurers and love to explore new places. Tying such dogs down to one place is hardly possible. Some are people lovers, while others are introverted. Some dogs love kids, and some cannot stand them and do not hesitate to avoid kids.

A Dog is Your Best Friend – Not a Threat

Most people fear dogs because there have been mishaps. Some wild dogs or those that are just aggressive by nature can be a problem. However, there usually is a deep seeded problem in their upbringing. Perhaps they have had bad owners who maltreated them. Just as it is with our kids, upbringing matters in the case of dogs.

When we adopt a dog, we are signing up for parenting. It is our duty to teach them manners, etiquettes, and good habits. Training a dog can be a bit challenging if it has grown older, but training a younger one is much easier. If you are thinking about adopting a puppy, then it is a great idea. Go for it!

If you agree that a dog is your best friend, then you must want to keep at least one dog. In fact, some people keep more than just one at a time and train them to be great companions. If you love dogs and have some amazing stories to share with us, then do so. Leave some comments to share your experience with our readers and us. If you feel we can add more this, then we will love your suggestions too.

If you find this article worth sharing with friends and family, please take a minute to do that. Thanks for your time and we at Lifestyle Glitz hope to hear from you. Just by the way, we also have something for cat lovers – A Complete Guide to Persian Cat Psychology. Do not miss it.

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