Have Car Accidents Increased Since the Advent of Cell Phones?

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
6 · 08 · 17
Are Cell Phones A Cause For Increased Car Accidents

Yes, car accidents have increased since the advent of cell phones but blaming it on technology is not the right thing to do. Looking at it in a practical way, people are responsible for their own actions. They choose to use cell phones while driving! While driving, the person on the wheels should keep both hands on the steering, eyes on the roads ahead and mirrors on all sides and keep his ears alert to see unexpected road crossings and other vehicles nearby.

Car Accidents Are Avoidable

There actually is a strong reason for people to go to a driving school. The training prepares them for the road by educating them about the dos and don’ts while on the road. The main point of focus about driving is that you have to use indicators and pay attention to road signals. Every signboard means something, and all practices together help people drive safely. By following all the driving rules, car accidents are avoidable.

Plugging Ears While Driving Is Bad

Since cell phones come with hands-free technology people can use their phones while driving, but is this advisable? In fact, the youth is fond of playing music on headphones while driving. This s a very bad practice, and often the reason for accidents.

Let’s analyze this. When drivers have music playing inside their head, how will they hear other cars honking at them, and how will they pay complete attention to the people in cars and on bikes around them? With music, playing in their ears, focusing on the road and focusing on what the eyes see is always difficult.

It’s not about proving you can multitask; it’s about paying attention to the road and people around your vehicle as you drive. It’s not just your life at stake but also the lives of all the people around you while you are on the road.

Pedestrians Must Also Be Careful

In Pakistan, according to the PBS (Pakistan Bureau of Statistics), more than 5,000 people die due to road accidents each year. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), worldwide stats prove that one person dies every 25 seconds, because of traffic related accidents. Overall, the world loses 1.25million people due to road accidents each year.

This Can Happen to You!

Take a moment to pay attention to the message in this video!

It’s Time to Take Corrections – We Can Save Lives

We all can make a positive difference in the rate at which people lose their lives due to avoidable accidents. Let’s discipline our youth and ourselves. Educate one another about the proper etiquettes of driving. Speeding kills, but not paying attention to the road and not trying to save the lives of people around you while driving also kills. Pay attention to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, and vehicles around you while driving. Make it your responsibility to be a good example while driving. Never receive or make calls while driving. Text messages can wait. Play music on the speakers or on headphones.

If you cannot avoid an urgent call or message, park the car and then attend to the pressing issue.

Save lives! Avoid car accidents!

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