Buying a Rug? Consider These Things Before You Click on Pay

Written by Rohani Egbert
10 · 12 · 19
Buying a Rug? Consider These Things Before You Pay

Have you refurbished your home or office recently? If yes, you may be looking for beautiful rugs and floor dressings to create a new ambiance. Before freezing your purchase on any given style, it’s necessary to understand the different types of rugs on offer. Experts guide the pros and cons of selecting different kinds of products to give full value for your money. 

You may ask, “Why is this necessary?” Rug shopping can leave you confused and overwhelmed with a plethora of products on the racks. There are several types of rugs available in the marketplace in different shapes, sizes, and textures. They feature different properties that make them unique in their way. As rug buying is an art and makes you dig into your pocket, the act has to be carried out with care and a discerning eye. This article will help you understand the primary nuances of purchasing rugs and carpets. Read on to know more about these comfortable floor accessories that never fail to add to the aesthetics of any space. 

Factors to Consider While Buying Rugs

Buying a rug is by no means an act of impulse. According to expert buyers and rug sellers, there are three key things that must be kept in mind to make a good purchase. Budget, style, and placement are the most important factors as per premium rug selling portals such as and others in the field. Besides, you have to gain clarity about the period for which you want the rug, its ease of cleaning, the type of other furnishings present, and so forth. Your preferences for any specific color or texture has to be considered as well to make the rug picking act worthwhile. 

Different Types of Rugs

From synthetic to natural fibers, you’ll come across different types of rugs with various advantages and disadvantages. It’s recommended that you check out different designs and textures to make a well-informed decision. For instance, wool falls in the category of natural fibers and requires hand-crafting. Rugs made of wool are traditionally handwoven, hand-loomed, hand-knotted, or hand-tufted. You may also purchaser machine-loomed woolen rugs that are not true wool but a synthetic variant that has the look and feel of wool. Authentic woolen rugs are quite expensive as they demand a lot of workmanship and effort. It takes a good time to design and build each piece. As these masterpieces are not easy to find and are quite expensive, they are often handed down generations and are for keeps. Robust and perfect for high-traffic spaces, these rugs are apt for entryways, bedrooms, offices, and other living spaces alike. 

Buy the Best Rugs Online

Silk rugs, cotton rugs, bamboo and jute rugs, transitional and conventional rugs – there are plenty of options to choose from at online carpet and rug stores. It’s a good idea to get in touch with the representatives at these stores to understand which material to buy. Get the best rugs after only choosing your rug type with care!

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