Autism – What Living with It Is Like

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Autism – What Living with It Is Like - Lifestyle Glitz

Autism is also famous as ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is a complex medical condition, which is due to poor brain development. It is a disorder, not a disease. Which means that it is not contagious, but may be a genetically inherited condition in most cases. However, the actual cause of this condition is still unknown. Parents of children with this condition have a tough lifestyle. It requires constant supervision and looking out for their special needs.

What Autism Is Like

The characteristics of this disorder include symptoms like difficulties in socializing because of poor interaction, nonverbal and verbal difficulties, and repetitive actions. A DSM-5 publication in 2013 led to the merging of all autism disorders into one umbrella. Before then it used to have subtypes.

Patients who suffer from this condition have an intellectual disability. It affects their motor coordination, induces inability to pay attention to what they do, and causes physical health issues. It can cause gastrointestinal and sleep disorders too. However, there are fascinating cases in the world that show that autistic patients have extraordinary math, music, art, and visual skills.

How does Autism start?

The onset of autism is usually in the very early stages of brain development. However, obvious signs of the condition don’t manifest until the child is between the ages of two and three. Early diagnosis cannot heal the disorder. But it can help parents understand the special needs of their child in time and learn to help their child cope with the condition.

How Common Is It?

Studies conducted in different parts of the world reveal that an average of one out of forty-two people suffers from it. However, it is five times more common in boys than it is in girls. One out of every forty-two (42) boys have this disorder, and one out of every one hundred and eighty-nine (189) girls has it. The prevalence of autism is rising at an alarming rate in developed countries across the world. Studies suggest an increase in reported cases of 10-17%, annually.

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Historic Origins

The earliest known mention of the behavior that resembles this condition goes back to the sixteenth century, to a man named Martin Luther. He was a church reformer. The coining of the word “autism” or this term goes back to 1910. A Swiss psychiatrist – Eugen Bleuler first used it to describe the characteristic behavior of patients with this condition. However, it wasn’t until 1938 that in-depth study of this condition happened. At that time, Hans Asperger described it and came up with the term “Asperger Syndrome” as a subtype of ASD.

Because living with people suffering from this autism is heartbreaking, parents of autistic children must educate themselves on how to make their lifestyle better and accommodate the special needs of their kids.

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