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Do you have a flair for writing and you want it read by people who share the same interests? Do you want to make your profile as a competent and professional writer by getting an article up at Lifestyle, EBooks, and Blogs? We can help you!

We accept submissions for inspiring, exciting, informative, healthy, and how-to articles. Moreover, we highlight good articles that generally reflect lifestyle, makeup tips, and psychological well-being. Actually, we accept any sort of content that jives with the purpose of our site, but of course, it is subject to approval from our editors. We look out for high-quality content, with excellent English. We do not accept pornography content, casino content, and anything that is offensive, racially discriminating, religiously discriminating, indecent, or unpleasant in any way.

How to Get Published

Before you submit an article for publication, we would like you to avoid giving us a reason to reject it. For one, you must adhere to our publishing policy. We don’t like content that is not original, lifted from another published site, and that is in poor writing. Please note that we only accept articles in the English language. We accept guest blog contributions at a fee starting from $40, with 1 do-follow link for lifetime.

Apart from that, we have the following quick guidelines for you that can help you make sure that we publish your articles:

  1. Articles
    • Must have more text than images
    • The content must be between 1000-2000 words
    • Must have an intro, body, and conclusion
    • Must have subtitles/subheadings
    • Include one link to any one of our previous posts
    • You can include only one other link of your choice. The link must be only in anchor text form.
    • Include a meta description that is not more than 150 characters
  2. Tutorials and tips
    • Make sure these are reader-friendly
    • No fluff
    • To the point
    • We have zero-tolerance for plagiarism
    • Must have more text than images
    • Credit the source of the images or backlink them to where you got them from
  3. Showcases – Sometimes images say a thousand words. We accept such content too.
    • Submit images with proper titles and in zipped files
    • Credit the source of the images or backlink them to where you got them from
    • Make sure the images are awesome
    • Use images that are nax 680-700px wide ONLY

Note: We will love it if you backlink your article to any previous article already on our website.

Ready for Submission?

Once you’ve made sure that, your content complies with these requirements, click here for the submission.