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EBooks by Mona Sharif


S/No Title Genre Price in Pakistan Price in Nigeria Place Order
1. Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer Self-publishing/Business Rs.500 N.1,000 Order Now
2. The Witch of Quedlinburg Fiction Rs.500 N.1,400 Order Now
3. What He Wants and What She Wants: Understanding Relationships – Things You Need to Know Love and relationship Rs.500 N.1,400 Order Now
4. Personal Development, Subconscious Mind and Spirituality Personal Development/Self-help Rs.500 N.1,400 Order Now


EBooks by Saadia S. Imran


S/No Title Genre Price in Pakistan Price in Nigeria Place Order
1 New to Mommyhood –

Things Nobody Tells You

Self help, New mothers Rs.300 N.600 Order Now
2 Coming soon Coming soon


Book Title

New to Mommyhood – Things Nobody Tells You

About the Book

This book is about an introduction to motherhood. Most women don’t share their personal experience, and first time mothers feel overwhelmed because they don’t expect most changes to happen in their body. If you are a first time mother, it’s natural to feel anxious and you are not alone. Reading this book will help you have an insight through Saadia S. Imran’s firsthand experience.

About the Author

Saadia S. Imran is a professional and versatile writer with several years of experience in the writing industry. She has a clear and effective writing style, which offers readers the best information about various self-help matters.