7 Nail Care Tips for This Summer

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7 Nail Care Tips for This Summer - Make them Look Awesome

Summer is upon us and it’s time to take care of those pretty nails. Quite often, we don’t realize how much punishment our nails have to bear to serve their purpose — protecting our soft fingertips and making our hands look good. Here are some simple nail care tips you can follow to get great look all summer.

1. To cut or not to cut

Most of us remove our cuticles to get those super-glamorous nails. Instead of making our nails less glamorous, nail cuticles actually protect us. They prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause damage to our nails. The best way to treat nail cuticles is by applying a cuticle removing lotion and pushing them back with a cuticle stick. This is a nail care many ignore, so keep this one in mind.

2. Paint them all

Can’t get over nail art, can we? Do you match nail paint with your outfit every day? Using too much nail paint during summers can end up dehydrating your nails. It’s not good for nail care! Using light polishes during the summer months not only makes your nails look cool but also prevents them from absorbing heat from the sun.

3. Fun in the sun

During summer, excessive sun and UV exposure can damage not only your skin but your nails as well. The easiest way to protect your nails from the sun is by applying sunscreen on your hands before stepping out in the sun. Also applying cuticle oil on nails and leaving them overnight keeps them hydrated all summer long.

4. Don’t miss the moisturizer

We use hand sanitizers throughout the day without caring about the strong chemicals present in them that can dehydrate our nails. The best way to keep our hands and nails protected from such chemicals is by moisturizing them right after using a sanitizer. So drop a good hand moisturizer into your everyday bag and keep those nails strong, healthy, and hydrated.

5. Make nails stronger

If you want healthy nails, you need to start a healthy diet and increase the amount of calcium you take. Instead of slurping sodas or fizzy drinks, try having milk-based smoothies and milkshakes that will help to add more calcium to your diet.

6. Nail care with nail supplements

We can do almost anything to have those long, perfect nails. If you are tired of trying out all nail care treatments and DIYs for those weak, short, and brittle nails, and need a quick fix, then using supplemental biotin can help to make nails grow faster.

7. Removing nail paint

Do you often treat yourself with a manicure or pedicure at the salon for nail care? Would you rather like to experiment with new nail colors all the time? Frequent use of nail polishes and acetone based nail polish removers can damage your nails. Switching on to oil-based nail polish removers is a great way to remove nail colors while keeping the moisture in your nails intact.

Taking out a few minutes each day to care for your nails can help you keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy throughout the hot months. Follow these simple tips to protect your nails from the harsh effects of summer heat, UV radiation, and humidity.

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